Rosacea Relief Soap

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For anyone who struggles with rosacea, this soap is specially designed for you! This gorgeous soap is an all goat milk soap so it will leave your skin soft and full of healthy skin flora due to its natural probiotics. Goat milk also contains fatty acids which help to repair your skins barrier. 

Activated charcoal is the natural colouring agent of this beautiful bar, adding even more skin benefits with every wash. Each bar includes some of the most sought after and healing skin loving oils (marula oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and plenty of shea butter) to moisturize, heal, soothe, and nourish, as you wash your worries away. 

This gentle healing bar is suitable for face and body alike.

All our soaps are handcrafted using the cold-process method. Since these soaps are handmade, each soap bar will vary in shape and design, giving them a uniqueness like no other. 

This is an all natural and 100% essential oil soap. Essential oils of tea tree, lavender, and rosemary are all said to help with rosacea symptoms and they make up the scent portion of this healing bar. The goat milk in this soap is from a local farmer who lovingly hand milks her goats. 

This luxury soap bar is approximately 5.3 oz (150 grams).

Each bar is lovingly wrapped with a biodegradable shrink wrap and a waterproof label so gift-giving is beautiful, easy, and environmentally friendly.

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