Teton Paper Mache Pot

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Handcrafted from textural papier maché, the Teton Paper Mache Pot has a chalky, limewash like texture. Made from recycled newspaper, they are entirely natural and sustainable. First the newspaper is mixed with water, then chalk and tree sap crystals are added to turn the substance into a clay-like material. The pulp is kneaded into chapati-like forms, then rolled and moulded into the sculptural objects we love. There is no firing, no power used, and the process is entirely eco-friendly. Small in stature with characterful handles, we love to use this piece as a desk organizer for favourite pens, or to display a posy of dried flowers. Porous in nature, papier maché should not be exposed to liquids.

Dimensions : 

Length : 6.75"

Width : 3.5"

Height : 4.5"

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